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On top of our existing urban products, we have a new star joining this portfolio award-winning Spot Projector. This luminaire is robust, efficient and flexible. Thanks to its 180° tilt angle and 36° beam angle, the new Spot Projector is perfect for illuminating walls and signages or highlighting parks and gardens.


The die-casted aluminum body is corrosion resistant, which not only provides optimal heat dissipation but also guarantees the professional use in a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor applications. With a strong level of IP and IK, this new Spot Projector is designed to be durable, dust proof and easy to maintain.  


Its flexibility comes from the possibility of mounting on a base, wall or ceiling with non-corrosive stainless-steel accessories. An earth spike and IP68 watertight connector are available for selection to ensure quick and safe installation for outdoor environment.


This spot projector won the Reddot Design Award for a good reason. It is worth getting to know this new addition to our urban portfolio.


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The new up and down Wall Spot is elegant, sturdy and perfect for accent lighting. Its timeless modern design with matt powder coating gives a fresh outlook. With light emitting from both up- and downwards, this Wall Spot cerates two elegant light beam shapes. It is designed to support the application in contemporary architecture.


Thanks to its corrosion-resistant die-casted aluminum material, this Wall Spot can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas with minimum maintenance efforts needed. The well-thought housing concept develops a seamless back bracket with bayonet lock for safety, minimum distance from the mounting point to avoid condensed water, as well as water-tight loop-through holes. Such design promises quick and easy installation.


The combination of different beam angles and color temperatures creates versatility in applications. Additionally, it is available in matt black and matt white powder-coated finishing that gives more possibilities. 


Are you looking for a modern wall spot with an attractive price? Check out our website for more information.

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