LED Slim Panel Performer G5

Now with improved efficiency and greater light output
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OPPLE HQ Eindhoven (LED Slim Panel Performer)

The slim and clean design of OPPLE LED Slim Panels makes them perfect for recessing, but through utilizing the various accessories they can be transformed into mounted and suspended luminaires. This shows off the slim design to its best.

The luminaire complies with the requirements of modern working conditions thanks to its low unified glare reduction, ensuring a uniform perception of light.

There are countless Slim Panels available, but nothing comes close to the OPPLE Light LED Slim Panel Performer G5. The luminaire delivers a high efficiency performance of 130 lm/W, through which it is eligible for EIA (Energy Investment Deduction in the Netherlands).

The generation 5 has a standard IP value of IP54 from the front. Another nice feature is the adjustable driver, allowing you to set two different lumen outputs (3900 and 4420 lumen at 4000K).

There are many different types of Slim Panels to choose from, such as ON/OFF, DALI, SMART, 1-10V and with CRI90.

An extra point of interest for the Slim Panel G5: there is also a Smart (BLE) version, that can vary from warm white to cool white (2700K-6500K). Allowing you to illuminate your workspace with the colour temperature you find most pleasant. So that you can adjust the colour in a meeting room to cool white to stay extra alert or to warm white to relax or create an informal atmosphere.

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